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Lenovo Essential G575 Laptop Review

Being the world’s fastest growing major PC manufacture, Lenovo brings to you another excellent model in its range of laptops. Thinkpads, Ideapads and Essential are the three series in which Lenovo brands its laptops and notebooks. This particular model is from the Essential G series called the G575 43834 Laptop. Launched in 2011, G575 carries forward the purpose of the Essential series. Its laptops are manufactured with clever design, include all necessary features and are available at reasonable prices. Lenovo prefers to call them the budget-conscious laptops. A 15.6 inches HD display along with powerful processor and graphics makes this a laptop with great performance and slender design. G575 comes in two models; one is the 4383-4NU model with 500GB hard drive and an advanced model, 4383-4PU model with 750 GB hard drive. There is no difference however between the screen sizes of the models and hence one can choose any of them based on their desired hard disk capacity. We have reviewed the 4383-4NU model here.

Processor:  Lenovo G575 comes loaded with an AMD dual core E350 processor. Clocking at the speed of 1.6 GHz, its performance is remarkably low when compared to an Intel i3 or i5 processor. Since it’s only a midrange processor, it provides a fairly decent performance for general tasks such as web browsing or working on Microsoft office. A 64 bit instruction set along with 1 MB of L2 cache make up the chipset. There is also an AMD A50M integrated memory controller for faster access to memory.

Memory: Lenovo has packed a 4GB DDR3 SD RAM which has a speed of 1333 MHz. The RAM can be extended up to 8 GB. A 500 GB of Serial-ATA 300 western digital hard disk lets you store a vast collection of multimedia files. It rotates at a speed of 5400 revolutions per minute (rpm). Its higher model; 4383-4PU comes with 6 GB of RAM and a generous 750 GB hard drive. The 4 GB of RAM lets you do multitasking and the transfer rates are decent.

Samsung RV511 Laptop Review

It seems that Samsung has released some creditable work in its Essential series. The Essential series notebooks, which are already known for their simplicity in design and a comfortable numeric keypad have acquired a remarkable sibling. Particularly, if you are looking around for a mid-priced notebook that comes with a give it all assurance, then you have knocked the right door. RV511 Laptop is an ideal gadget for those who expect affordability and performance in a single package. This notebook comes loaded with umpteen numbers of features though not compensating on looks. From crisp material body to its recovery solutions, this Samsung RV511 Notebook does not lag behind its opponents in any of the segments. Let us get into the specifications of this lappie for further details


The processor is the heart and soul of a computing device. The user has to be specific with the usage and the need to pick up the right one so that the device does not let the user down. This device is engaged with a macho Intel Pentium Dual Core Processor PS100. Samsung RV511 15.6″Laptop’s powerful internal components complement this dual-core processor’s 2.00 GHz clock speed to make it comfortably faster. The dual-core processor of this notebook is also back upped by a second level cache of 3 MB. Overall, this device is clearly fast in computing.


The computing abilities of a laptop or a computer are also essentially influenced by another prime factor-memory. As to this area, Samsung RV511 Essential Laptop flaunts a RAM of 3GB capacity for faster computing. This laptop comes with an upgraded DDR3 system memory, which is a relatively better performer than its predecessor DDR2. This notebook also comes packed with 2 SODIMM memory slots that capacitate storage up to 4 GB. The S-ATA hard drive of this laptop is provisioned with a whopping memory of 500GB of 5400 rotations per minute.

Graphics card

Samsung RV511 15.6 inch Laptop provides a decent gaming experience with its integrated Nvidia GeForce 315M graphics card. The 315M graphics chip comes allocated with a capacity of 1GB. Though this desktop replacement performs a good job with simple games and video editing it scores down with higher-end graphics.

Samsung RC710 Laptop Review

If you are looking to replace the desktop PC at home, a notebook laptop is the best choice. The Samsung RC710 gives you all the benefits of a notebook without compromising on screen size or power. The 17.3-inch notebook features an Intel Core i5 processor and an NVIDIA Optimus graphic card on a Windows 7 operating system. The following review would help you judge if it is really worth replacing a PC.

Graphics Card:
The Samsung RC710 uses an Nvidia GeForce HD G 315 graphic card with 512 MB of memory. The chip uses a special technique called Nvidia Optimus technique that works on cutting down energy usage as well as improve performance whenever calibrated. However, the chip is not any better than others in the market. Games that require low-end graphics run without an issue but games with higher graphics run with low detail and average resolution. Gamers should opt for the Dell Inspiron 15R. The Optimus technique should be thanked for improving battery life.

Lenovo Thinkpad X220 Laptop Review

There has been an incredible increase in the popularity of tablets in the past couple of years, and this can be highly attributed to the original Apple iPad. Since then, there have been numerous look-alike releases from heaps of less known manufacturers. But, what about the consumers who are quite serious about work as well as some fun; what we mean to say is something that is a real computer, but can take the tablet avatar, while in the fun mode.

So, we are looking at something like a laptop that comes with a swivel screen that can be folded down across the keyboard to look like a flat slate, also possessing an incredible 12.5″ IPS display, like the ones found on the professional monitors such as the famous iPad and even the HP DreamColour LP2480zx. The other “expected features” list might include a Intel processor, an entire day’s worth of battery life, a Wacom digitizer as well as a rugged exterior. Well, the Lenovo Thinkpad X220 seems to be just fitting in the above description. While it has got the feature list right, let us find out if it has done the same with the performance


The Lenovo ThinkPad X220 is the first laptop that we have reviewed with Intel’s latest Sandy Bridge 2.5GHz Core i5-2520M processor, and just like the MacBook Pro that was equipped with the Core i7, the power surge is quite noticeable. The CPU is powerful, yet quite efficient and will handle anything but the most intensively multi-threaded applications with a great deal of ease, With quite a few applications opened, such as Microsoft Word, Skype, TweetDeck, about 10 sides opened with the Chrome and also some photo editing software, the laptop was surprisingly incredibly quick. However, if you think that you will not need so much power, the CPU can always be downgraded to a Core i3-2310M, or, if you are just hungry for more, just get up to a quad-core Core i7-2620M for the sake of heavy duty works such as HD video encoding. The hard drive has active protection in order to protect the data in case you bump or drop it. That said, for some real crash-proof reliability, the X220 can be got with SSD options, and also Lenovo’s RapidDrive solution, that combines with an SSD and regular hard drive.


As far as graphics is concerned, the X200 does not have any dedicated graphics, so you will be just stuck with the Intel’s integrated option. Lenovo has equipped the ThinkPad with Intel’s lowly integrated HD graphics, and in fact, IGP will be just perfect for light video editing and HD playback.

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